Ghost Photos Page


The small selection of photos here have been collected by myself, and from other sources. They show more evidence of how we live on after death. They show spirits or "ghosts" if you like, can appear to us and be captured on camera after they have left their physical body, or when they have died.

All evidence presented here is done with a view to help promtote the reality that we all survive death, without any exception, and continue to live on in another dimensional world of spirit. We survive death because the life force within us is the spirit body and not the physical body which can be considered as just a shell clothing the spiritual body. Our own spirit body that survives death. The next word is mental and spiritual world of thought. The photos show how under certain conditions our spirits can be captured and seen, hence the phenomena of ghosts. Some are deliberate apparitions others are involuntary appearances.

"You have nothing to fear in death"

It is as simple as that. Our loved ones do not die they are all living on in a new life an new body called a spirit body. The spirit body survives death. Without question it does. We are the same person one minute after death as we were one minute before death. The main difference is we have a spirit body instead of a physical body.



Spirit of a small child huddling between some girls while their photo is being taken.


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Spirit of a catholic Tudor lady in Warwick Castle. The picture shows the lady "floating" sideways.

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Spirit captured leaving the body at the point of death during an operation.

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Spirit of a man captured in the mirror which moves to other side on the subsequent photo.

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Ghostly face and head captured in cepier photo of an old castle.

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Ghostly half materialisation of "Sandy MacGregor" a guide of my acquaintance who materialised on request.


Picture of woman spirit lost in carnage of the Gulf War I battle on the road from Kuwait City

Picture of a "cursed" mirror with a face in the corner of the mirror.


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Spirit picture of "Nick" and friends captured as a semi apparition.

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Photograph of a real forensic print showing two spirits possessing and influencing a convicted armed robber and rapist.


The picture above taken on film camera in the 1970's, 1975 to precise by R Bruce W. Laubach