Photoplasm Energy

The Phenomenon of Photoplasm

It is my personal opinion that in the science of the future reality will neither

be "psychic" nor "physical" but somehow both and somehow neither.

- Wolfgang Pauli, Professor of Theoretical Physics & Nobel Prize Winner -

An explanation of the photoplasm energy used in a physical circle with Patrick McNamara,

and a video clip of the phenomenon it can create.


In the early 1990’s Patrick McNamara started a physical materialisation circle in north London. The physical circle was held in darkness as is the case with most physical circles today, and he produced physical materialisation phenomena. The spirit guides working with Ghostcircle, Patrick McNamara’s physical circle, started to experiment with Patrick over many years and with other physical mediums in developing a new materialisation energy. The spiritual guides stated aim was to develop and produce a new light sensitive energy which was termed “photoplasm” that could be used during physical mediumship circles to produce materialisation phenomena. It has taken many years and many physical circles to develop the photoplasmic energy and it is still being developed. Many physical circles today are now using this new energy while working with the spiritual guides.


Within a physical circle there is substance produced called “ectoplasm”[3], and it is used to create materialisation phenomena within physical circles. Ectoplasm is normally present in circles where there is total darkness (it has appear in bright sunlight but it is rare). Because ectoplasm is very sensitive to light any light present in a room would destroy the structure and could potentially harm the medium whose physical body is used to produce it. The great paranormal researcher and Nobel Laureate, Charles Richet a Professor of Physiology at the Sorbonne, coined the term ectoplasm. He confirmed through experimentation with physical mediums such as Eusapia Palladino and Eva. C. Kluski the very existence of ectoplasm. As said already, light or specifically white light was said to damage the delicate substance, and could potentially harm the mediums who were producing it. So, although it was occasionally photographed by photographic flash, investigators wanting proof were usually disappointed. Ectoplasm was also difficult to film except when a low level red light was allowed to be used. Although you can use Infra red light in dark rooms, such as infra red cameras, the infra red light used has been acknowledged to destroy ectoplasm. Thus any materialised forms or objects that are created from ectoplasm could not be easily recorded in visual form within the physical circle, and with so few physical mediums available to produce this phenomenon, combined with those who are actually willing to submit to some photography, it is almost impossible to get any decent pictures of materialisation's.

Ectoplasm exiting mouth

A photograph showing ectoplasm exiting a physical medium. (Dr. S. Notzing Experiments)


Because of the rarity of physical mediumship and the fragility of ectoplasm, there is hardly any hard empirical visual evidence captured by film camera. Although ectoplasm has been sampled from mediums and measured from physical circles in the past such as Charles Richet’s sample from physical medium Eusapia Palladino. Patrick McNamara understood that the only way you could prove the existence of the after life to a wide audience “was to capture materialisations on camera in lighted conditions.” To develop a new physical energy that was sensitive to light, Patrick McNamara set out a goal to work with spirit teams who are perfecting and refining this substance. In the late 1990’s around 1999, Patrick had some communications with spirit guides who said they would help him achieve this goal using a new energy which spirit said it was to be called “Photoplasm.” [1]


Photoplasm: Photoplasm or Photoplasmic energy, allows an Etheric being or spirit, to materialise in red and blue light, or even white light without destroying the energy or causing undue physical harm to the physical medium. The photoplasmic energy is collected from individual members within a circle and not just the physical medium. In drawing a comparison between photoplasm and ectoplasm, the ectoplasmic energy is formed almost entirely through the physical medium and stays attached to the medium. With photoplasm, the energy is detached from the physical medium and uses a physical cabinet as a storage container instead of sitting inside of it as you do with ectoplasm. The photoplasm energy also allows a physical medium to sit outside of “the cabinet”. [6]

The difference between photoplasm and ectoplasm [2]

Photoplasm is an energy that can be used and manipulated in light such as bright white light, whereas ectoplasm cannot survive exposure to white light and has uncomfortable or stressful results for the medium. Ectoplasm can be exposed to red light for short intervals. Photoplasm moves at a different vibration and is complex to capture on film, but can be seen quite clearly in the room and most importantly felt in the room too. When photoplasm becomes solid it can be used to move objects. (I refer to the Ghostcircle witness videos and the flower moving experiment at The Black Lion experiment on ) Photoplasm does not replace ectoplasm, rather it is a different form of energy that complements ectoplasm and shows the very existence of these energies around us that up to recent times have only been able to be used in a room of total darkness, or with very low red light. You have the two different forms of energy which although they have a similar make up, they have been created by spirit to perform the same function which is, to produce physical materialisation evidence. Some mediums will be able to tolerate ectoplasm and indeed will develop physical mediumship in that form, while others will develop the ability to use photoplasm in light. The demonstration of photoplasmic energy actually confirms the existence of ectoplasm. They are both energies used for the same purpose, i.e. for spirit to make their presence felt and known. There are so many different forms of mediumship and there are so many mediums who can channel these energies, or spirit messages, and materialisation phenomena in so many different ways. Each medium channels the energy in their own way according to their vibration. However, all mediums do it with the one idea in mind; which is to deliver the message that there is no death, and that spirit exists.