Orb Evidence

What are Orbs?

Orbs are a recently new phenomenon that have been captured with the introduction of digital cameras in the 1990's. They were first thought to be malfunctions by the camera makers but to this day the manufacturers claim these "orbs" to be microscopic particles floating in the air. Orbs have been accepted, certainly in the psychic community, as real evidence of spirit presences whereby they are supposed to represent the essence, or soul of a departed spirit. From my point of view as a medium who can see and sense spirits, I know this to be the reality as I have asked people to take photos (see opposite) when there is a spirit present and the majority of times, at least too many to count, an orb appears on the photograph exactly where I see it or I say it is. Capturing orbs on camera can depend on the conditions around me or even the strength of the spirit presence. Subdued lighting conditions can help increase your chances of capturing orbs, while overcast dry atmospheres can also help orb capturing. Bright light or sunlight is not necessarily a problem either.

Orb Evidence

However, all over the world people are taking pictures and capturing phenomena, but it’s dismissed as being dust or moisture. Sometimes this is actually the case, that moisture and dust is captured and looks like orbs, but in many cases people are capturing phenomena. When a person captures a great picture of an orb say, it’s dismissed rather than investigated. I am saying, lets not be so dismissive out of hand of what the camera “is” picking up, because you can create orbs by throwing dust in the air. What about orbs that coming out of peoples bodies, have amazing light intensities, orbs that move in graceful pattern speeding across a room and slowing down, and accelerating again. It this really a wind or draught moving a piece of dust? What about orbs that are that are not “dust like” in appearance, and they actually go through a person’s body and come out the other side. Can dust or moisture do any of these things? FACT - ORBS have appeared on camera on command. FACT - ORBS have images and pictures inside them when you zoom into them. FACT - ORBS also appear on video camera in daylight with no flash used, so it's not just digital camera. FACT - ORBS have been investigated by Dr Miceal Ledwith, that under controlled conditions showed that orbs are not reflected light but what is known in physics as " fluoresence". FACT - ORBS have been also investigated by Dr Klaus Heinemann PHD of NASA and UCLA, experimental physicist, under controlled conditions using multiple cameras showed that orbs have intelligence when asked to appear on camera under the direction of the photographer.

When are orbs NOT Orbs?

Of course not every "orb" captured on camera is an orb. The camera "does not lie" as the old expression goes, but the camera can pickup other anomalies that can certainly look like orbs, and these variances are used by the skeptical community to pass off all orbs, as either being dust, moisture, or pollen grains and so on. I will agree that it is possible to capture dust, moisture, rain drops, snow flakes and other particles, even flying insects. However, from my point of view I am very lucky to know when there are spirit presences. I am very grateful to have the ability to communicate with them about their life whilst also giving me evidential communication of the afterlife.

Orb Theory

Sometimes I can see spirits or ghosts if you like and they don't see me, other times they are curious that I can see them and follow me around. When a picture is taken they usually appear where I see them, most of the time, or when I tell the picture taker to point the camera in the direction of the spirit. As a picture is being taken they can of course move and the picture will be "orb less", and like I said they don't always appear although I can sense their presence; I always try to make sure the camera has taken the photograph. Like I said, I can't always do it on demand every time but I seem to get them more than most, which I put down to the spirits drawing energy from me to semi materialised their presence. So, orbs have a better chance of appearing when they can draw the required energy from a person with the necessary life force available within their aura. Some people have this life force within them and are not considered mediums or psychics, or at least they don't realise they are mediums. I know that spirits draw energy from me as I can feel the energy draw before an orb appears on camera. The spirits can also draw this energy from the conditions surrounding them.

The reality of the "Orb" world

Some spirits don't like their photos to be taken believe it or not and they are suspicious of photography. Although spirits may have passed over sometime, they can be afraid of our technologies because they inhabit a world similar to the conditions they lived in when they were on earth, that is their, a copy of their own reality which they are comfortable living in. For example, a monk who lived in monastery can be quite happy to still live in that monastery which to him is still like it was when he passed over, but he would live on in the etheric side or the physical double of everything created on earth. It may be destroyed on our side, but the etheric double stays intact. So while a monk lives in his world he would not understand any of our new technology as he still living a simple live and maybe believes that our technology is the work of the devil. He may be dead for hundreds if years, but as time does not exist in the afterlife he may think he has been dead for only a few years or less. Although he knows that there is another reality, our reality impinging on his "spirit" reality, he is perfectly happy to carry on his existence in the monastery. We can sometimes see him moving out of his reality if the right conditions exist and thus a "ghost" appears.

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