Physical Mediumship

Some Proof Examples  (Research for yourself)

Ectoplasm  - The above picture shows ectoplasm emerging from a medium known as Stanislava P. It was taken during an experiment setup by the great Physical Mediumship investigator Baron Prof von Schrenck Notzing. The experiment was done under the strictest test conditions whereby the medium was searched thoroughly and was naked except for a light dressing gown. Note the sealed bags covering her hands and there is a light black veil covering her face through which the ECTOPLASM is forming. The experiment was repeated many times.
Direct Voice -  The great direct voice medium Leslie Flint whose direct voice recordings can be listened to on this site. He was one of the most tested mediums in Britain and his direct voice mediumship was the attested as being absolutely genuine and covered a forty year period.
Apports -  The pictures shows some of the many 100's of apports that appeared in the Physical circle of Minnie Harrison. What you see are flowers of carnations, roses and metallic items which were, an 1864 Victorian coin, a lapel badge, and soldiers button. Some were handed to the sitters by materialised spirit forms.
Materialisation - The above pictures shows "Aunt Agg" materialising in the Minnie Harrison physical circle during the 1940's. It was taken in a low red light and the film has a two minute exposure. The materialisation reputedly stood there for 5 minutes. You can see that there is double exposure from the gentleman on the left who moved as the film was taken.. It is interesting to see the different textures in the ectoplasm build up, stronger at the top and lighter as it descends downwards.
physical-spiritphoto-mentath1 (1)
Spirit photography - Spirit photography can capture faces of our deceased loved ones within ectoplasmic clouds. You quite clearly see the faces below which were recognised by the sitter in the photograph. (She's not very happy as you can see)

Mrs Thorns Pictures

Mrs-Thorn-Photograph Face
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