Physical Mediumship

Levitation of Objects

Levitation is the movement of objects without normal means of support. This can be done by either psychokinetic energy (telekinesis) or by the use of ectoplasm. One of the most amazing examples of levitation was through the mediumship of D.D. Hume. On over 100 occasions during the 1860's and into the late 1870's he was levitated up to the ceiling and often around the room above the heads of the sitters. On one occasion he was levitated out the window of a third story room and in through the window of an adjacent room. In a physical circle ectoplasmic rods are created and are used to move objects such as a table. I have seen the table move in many different ways with people lightly touching the table, so light that you can see fingertips gently touching the surface. The rods sometimes form out of the solar plexus and stomach area of my body, but then can be connected to other sitters as well if needs be. Sometimes sitters feel a sharp pain in some areas of the body, normally legs or arms, when these rods are inserted. The medium is the significant source of ectoplasm, but some regular sitters are used as extra energy resources.

Raps or Knocks

A very common phenomena is table raps or knocks. The sounds of these raps range from soft finger like taps, to large knocks like knuckles on a table. Quite often you would also hear a sound like wood splintering or cracking. On other occasions ectoplasmic rods can cause raps to occur. With all of these raps or knocks, you can establish a code for yes or no answers to questions. I use one rap for “yes” and two raps for “no”. If is quite an effective form of communication, and if you ask the right question, it can also be very informative. I have even had prophetic questions answered whereby the answer was verified weeks or months later.

Spirit Lights

If the people in a circle are very harmonious it can create conditions for some wonderful phenomena. One of these is the appearance of spirit lights. Spirit lights come in all intensities and colours. Common colours are blue, white, and red. The colours can be seen as bright spots from time to time, however they can have incredibly intense brightness on rare occasions. The lights are considered to be a representation of a spirits presence and their vibration. The brighter the spirit light usually indicates higher levels of spirit development.


When the spirit operators withdraw the etheric energy-matter from the medium's body, it is known as ectoplasm. It is through the use and manipulation of ectoplasm that the physical phenomena occur. Ectoplasm can be created in many different forms, visible and invisible, white and coloured. It’s dependent upon what the Spirit guides wish to do with this incredible substance. Once created, the ectoplasm generally emerges from the medium through some bodily orifice (nose or mouth) or through a psychic centre, located near the navel, known as the solar plexus. Ectoplasm can be used to move objects. During a demonstration such as this, the spirit operator might mould the ectoplasm into hardened rods. The ectoplasm is “collected” by spirit helpers and mixed with chemicals on their side to create a refined ectoplasm, which they then use in physical phenomena structures, be it materialisations or table raps and movements.


With materialisations, the Spirit guides collect ectoplasm from inanimate (furniture, materials in the room) and animate objects (namely the medium and circle sitters) where it’s is mixed with etheric chemicals on their side, to form a stable moulding substance that spirits can use to create an exact physical body of how they looked on earth or as they now appear in spirit. The degree and strength of the materialized form varies quite a bit. A fully materialised form or head-to-toe materialization of a spirit is, perhaps, the most amazing phenomenon witnessed in mediumship. There are countless recorded cases where spirits have materialised fully, with full dress, facial features, and any distinguishing marks that they previously had on their body. They can look as solid as our earthly body appears. On some occasions materialised spirits have gone to the extent of creating fingerprints of their materialised hands, moved heavy objects, and danced with sitters. Materialised spirits can walk among the sitters; talk to the sitters via direct voice; touch, hug, and kiss the sitters; allow the sitters to touch them; materialize in front of the sitters; pass through walls; and dematerialise before the sitters. During the manifestations, the physical medium usually sits within an enclosed area, called a cabinet. The cabinet is basically anything which allows a physical medium to sit away from the sitters. The cabinet also helps focus the energies and creates a type of battery from which the phenomena can be formed and energized. There is usually a curtain in front of the cabinet, which can be spread apart in order for people to see what is going on within the cabinet. When a materialisation is about to happen the curtains are closed. The reasons for this are two fold; firstly it protects the medium, as the spirits are using part of his bodily energies to mould the ectoplasm into a form; and secondly, the curtains obscures the build up of the materialised form which can be quite disturbing to look at. During the start of the materialisation build up, the lighting in the room is usually very low, if not complete darkness. A dim red light or even a bright red light usually provides the only light source. My spirit guides have told me that white light tends to inhibit the phenomena, while dim red light energizes it. My spirit guide will often tell me how much light I can have, as they will know the strength of the ectoplasmic energy that has been collected. I sometimes use a blue and red light. The conditions around us always determine how good a sitting will be. As soon as the materialised spirit form is ready, it will step out of the cabinet into full view. One of the most interesting phenomena seen during materialisation is the physical link between the materialised form and the medium. After a spirit materializes and walks away from the medium, cord of ectoplasm linking the spirit form with the physical medium can often be seen. This ectoplasmic cord can be likened to the umbilical cord of a foetus. Through it, the spirit operator receives a supply of etheric energy-matter from the medium. The spirit may dematerialise by withdrawing the ectoplasm back into the medium's body via this cord. There seems to be no limits to what Spirit can do through physical mediumship, provided the proper conditions prevail.