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As with all empirical experiments, for an empirical result to be valid the same results should be obtained through experimentation when repeated again in the next experiment and subsequent experiments. In demonstrating the phenomenon of photoplasm with a physical medium, in this case Patrick McNamara, the results described above have been repeated again and again with thousands of people, in hundreds of different locations, including open venues like Basingstoke Church or a sealed and locked down environment like “Scotland’s Secret Bunker” [5] which was 100 foot underground with the location of the circle room randomly chosen by the circle sitters whose members included psychologists and social scientists. In subsequent repeated experiments the same phenomena was seen and felt by independent observers, most of whom have never sat in a physical circle before and were sceptical of the paranormal. On each occasion the results were captured on camera and attested as real and tangible energy by those present who were convinced afterwards that what they experienced was real and objective.


Photoplasm is part of a new science that has been termed “etheric science” [7] by Patrick McNamara and covers the invisible dimensions of ether that surround us. We are all made up of energy but the atomic and subatomic particles move or vibrate at different frequencies called vibrations. As the law of conservation states, “Matter cannot be created or destroyed but only changed” in its form. Photoplasm uses matter and energy to change the ether around us. When Photoplasm is produced, it occurs when the ether is vibrated around us and the physical matter is clothed around the vibrated etheric object to allow us to visually see its different forms in our physical dimension of space and time. The researcher and medium Patrick McNamara is following on from the pioneers before him, the work of great scientists and noble prize winners such as Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Prof. Charles Richet, Sir William Barrett, Frederick Myers, and Baron Dr. Albert Schrenck-Notzing. Modern day scientists and noble prize winners such as Prof. Brian D. Josephson (Cambridge University) are investigating the unknown universe that surrounds us. Prof. Dean Radin (Senior scientist at The Institute of Noetic Sciences) is investigating precognition within the consciousness of the physical world and the greater knowledge that surrounds us (in the etheric world.) Dr. Melvin Morse and his work on near death experiences NDE. Prof. Gary Schwarz (Arizona University) who conducted experiments with dream precognition and prophecy. Other paranormal investigators like Brian and Ann Allan have been investigating vortex dimensions and tonal vibrations from the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Note: The above process and description outlined describes a work in progress between two changing worlds. As this is a new form of energy it may not be adaptable to every physical medium.

Note: The above process and description outlined describes a work in progress between two changing worlds. As this is a new form of energy it may not be adaptable to every physical medium.

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