Photoplasm Energy

Evidence of Photoplasm


Anyone producing empirical evidence will follow a path of experimentation to produce repeatable results. The Ghostcircle physical circle follows such an empirical format and is prepared with the same principles of the scientific experimenter, in that we will setup the conditions of the experiment to produce measurable and observable results for those who participate in the physical experiment, namely the physical circle sitters. The basic setup of the Physical Circle experiment is the same every time. We have “a storage cabinet” used to store and manipulate the energy produced in the circle. There is a physical medium, and some physical circle sitters. On some occasions a table may be used.

The Equipment (The Storage Cabinet)

A storage cabinet is necessary to allow energy to be contained and used when necessary by spiritual entities. The other reason the cabinet is used is so that the observers, or physical circle sitters, are sheltered from seeing shapes being developing during the circle experiment as quite often is can be quite unnerving, frightening, or “evil looking” to see as the photoplasmic energy is forming into shapes. Positioned around the storage cabinet will be the physical medium and the circle sitters. A physical medium that uses photoplasm is not normally required to sit in the storage cabinet. This is a diversion from how previous physical mediums used to perform in the past. Physical mediums would normally sit inside a cabinet while using the light sensitive ectoplasmic energy, because the medium required the ectoplasm to be protected from the circle sitters and any bright light that may accidentally shine on the ectoplasm as it forms around the medium. Bright light can make ectoplasm unstable and cause injury to the medium while it is forming. With photoplasm, the energy is derived from the sitters and the physical medium and as it is not so light sensitive the medium is not required to sit in the circle cabinet. The cabinet is used purely for the storage and manipulation of energy.


As with any theory put forward in science, the next step to prove your theory is to gather evidence by experimentation using empirical methods with repeatable results. Patrick McNamara and Ghostcircle have set about proving the existence of Photoplasm by continually conducting experiments of physical mediumship, the result of which is that the production of Photoplasm has been generated on each occasion. Once produced, the photoplasm has been observed and experience by thousands of witnesses on multiple occasions over the last decade. These experiments have been filmed in lighted conditions using red and blue bulbs in the circle room. The lighting used gives enough light to be able to read written text on a board if held up. The circle sitters will normally see phenomena occurring in the room. This phenomena starts by forming different photoplasmic shapes or formations near the cabinet. These formations are observed and described exactly as seen by the other observers sitting in the circle. This proves that the observers cannot be deluding or imaging what they are seeing, as they are all seeing and describing the exact same phenomena. This is non delusional observation, as they will describe the same objects forming or phenomena appearing at the same time.

Physical Forms

The phenomena of “Photoplasm” that is produced, is physical in its form. By physical I mean that it can be felt, is sensitive to the touch, has properties of temperature fluctuation between hot and cold, and on many instances forms a body (a physical human form) whose shape can be felt and followed by the hands of the observer as they describe a head and shoulders or arms. Other phenomenon produced is the “x-ray effects” where by people can see the bones of their own arms, or the skeleton of their own hands. The sitters can even see fingers and hands disappearing including the total transparency of their bodily parts. Evidence gathered from sitters [4] show that they can also see elongation or shrinkage of the same bodily parts, the hands, or fingers and the arms and so on. Consequently, while bodily parts are disappearing or changing, other physical forms like hands and fingers are being formed by spirit entities which when touched have physical warmth just like a human hand would. There is also an affect which could be considered like “translucency”, and what is meant here is that the light in the room (normally a red and blue light), cannot reflect off the bodily object and goes straight through the object that the observer is looking at like an arm, hand, or finger and they can see someone else body parts on the other side of their own limbs. Some people have also become transparent on occasions, either partially around the head and shoulders, or fully against a solid background like a wall located behind them. The medium Patrick McNamara has also produced a solid spirit and spirit lights that can be seen following him or peeling off his back as he moves back and forth across a circle room. This has been attested to by witnesses in many different videos. [4]

Movement of Objects

Photoplasm can form “physical rods” which allow observers to move objects. It has been proven during many experiments that photoplasm can be turned into what are termed “rods”. The rods are formed by the photoplasmic energy turning in a semi physical rod like substance that attaches to a physical object, in some experiments this object would be a flower, and the observers (not the medium) are able to move the object by rotating their hands or fingers around the flower without touching the flower itself. The control is under the observers and witnesses. The medium is standing back and not involved in this situation as the energy has been built up to allow this phenomena to occur. For example, in the Basingstoke Church experiment, the members present who numbered about 30, were handed flowers (up to a dozen flowers) that they held “in their own hands” and were then moved in circles by another independent observer who rotated their hands or fingers around the flower, without touching the flower, and caught hold of these rods as they moved their hands causing the flower to move as they hit the rods which were attached to the flower. Other flowers were actually moved by spirit entities without any physical movement by the circle sitters. The observers just held the flowers in their hands. This has been captured and repeated on film with many different circle sitters’ dozens of times. (See videos  and  )