Direct Voice Spirit Communication

What is it?

Direct voice is one of the most fascinating phenomena you could ever come across. It is produced by a physical medium with the special ability to allow spirit entities to communicate from their world of spirit, with our physical dimension. For this phenomenon to occur Direct Voice conditions normally requires complete darkness and a harmonious group of sitting individuals. The spirit communicators create what is called a voice box the material of which is made up from the physical medium, the sitter's energy, and spirit chemicals added to ectoplasm drawn from the medium. The voice box is built each time a psychic circle sits and the length of the sitting is determined by the power or energy generated from the sitters as well as the physical conditions that surround the sitter's. The weather can actually have an influence on the harmony as stormy conditions are less favourable compared to dry mild conditions. The temperature within the room will affect the comfort of each individual as some people prefer warm of cool atmospheres, so if it's hot summers evening or cold winter night this will also affects the sitters comfort and thus the harmony. Any illness, such as a cold or flu from a circle member, and especially the medium themselves, can reduce the power and length of the direct voice sitting.

Direct Voice Recordings

Down further on the page are direct voice tapes converted to digital format from the great Leslie Flint circle who was perhaps the greatest direct voice medium. He sat in his direct voice circle with the voices of spirits coming through to thousands of sitter's for over 30 years.

Listen to the voices and judge for yourself. He was one of the most tested mediums ever and when he was experimented on by scientists on all occasions he was tied up and firmly gagged, but still the voices came through!!

You will notice that all the voices have their own personality, whether they be male or female, or famous individuals like US presidents, Sir Winston Churchill and Scientists, or infamous like the 18th century highwayman, or Cromwellian soldier. There are as many ordinary voices as well extraordinary ones too.

I earnestly believe that all the evidence presented here is done with sincerity and is as objective as can be. I personally know three people who sat in with Lesley Flint and their stories tell how honest and dedicated he was to helping prove survival after death. They had no doubts that the voices were real as they had communication from their own loved ones who gave them evidential proof.

With his very special gift Leslie Flint never became a rich man, or even a famous personality. Although he was well known during his time on earth, he lived a recluse life and shunned publicity. He always allowed scientific access to investigate his abilities.


Lesley Flint Recordings


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