Filming of Ghostcircle Series 3 Finished

October 27, 2016 by Wobbly Jelly

After two successful series shown on UK SKY Showcase TV,  Ghostcircle Series 3  is now in post production and we have some amazing footage to show you, it shocked us how good it is. We will be showing the new series  in the UK on TV in the Spring 2017  with some more amazing EVP's and Physical Mediumship experiments filmed in locations around the UK, Ireland, and Europe. No Brexit for us!! Nobody does what Ghostcircle does. We are extending the limits of what can be done with new EVP's so good it's like a conversation between the mediums and our team. Patrick McNamara and Tracy Edwards will be giving expert mediumship in new locations  not seen before on TV.  Ben Clutton, Jamie Wilkins, and Hannah Barrick are capturing more amazing phenomena with their Ghost Hunts !