Ghostcircle Team – Patrick

   Patrick McNamara

  Psychic and Physical Medium

Patrick is a Psychic Medium and co-founder of Ghostcircle. Patrick has been psychic since he was a small child, seeing spirits and having premonitions within his family. He loves to teach and work as a medium. His speciality is Physical Mediumship; which is a very rare form of mediumship and deals with transforming the spiritual energy into a form of physical energy from which an oridnary person who is not sensitive can see, feel, and sometimes hear spirit. Patrick leads the psychic circles in Ghostcircle, leads the investigations of the haunted places we visit. He is the entertainer in the group. Patrick also has Trance abilities too. When in trance state, many spirit guides talk through him and give amazing wisdom and personal evidence.

On working with Ghostcircle he says:

 "I Love to serve spirit and work with many different spirit guides. I really enjoy demonstrating physical mediumship to people with Ghostcircle. Nobody does what we do, and I'm extremely proud to work with the spirit guides and give people an opportunity to experience and show, that that spirit and personality survives the death of the physical body."