Ghostcircle Team – Karl


Filming Director, Producer, and Editor of Ghostcircle Videos

Karl is Co-founder of Ghostcircle with Patrick McNamara, and is the Filming Director and Editor of Ghostcircle. He is a specialist in Information Technology (IT) and works as a consultant. Karl has been psychic from a very young age and captures the phenomena that the Ghostcircle team produce during filming.

On filming Ghostcircle he says:

 "It is extremely difficult to direct Ghostcircle because we have no idea what is going to happen, or what we will get (the phenomena or information) during filming. There is no script to follow or storyboarding in Ghostcircle which is the main basis of doing any filming. You should know exactly what you are shooting before you do it. But, every Ghostcircle shoot we do is done with an element of speed, because the psychic energy produced for Patrick and the others just comes and it drains away after a certain period. Environmental conditions noise or weather and because we also use subtle mental energies the mood of the people affects the shooting too, nerves and fear cause blockages. So it means we have to do all the filming in a limited time window. We don't have time for re-takes because any interruption causes a break in the mental flow. That's why the filming looks a bit edgy, and for me it's not for want of trying to capture with the best light and sound but we have to go with what we get.

The hardest part to film is the Physical Circles. You cannot direct people who just turn up to see our physical experiments. We don't even know "who" will  turn up most of the time because we run an open circle and ask the hosts to provide the circle members for the experiment, so there is no filtering, in case people think we set this up. Some people who we interview will come but most are unknown to us until they arrive. We don't know if we will have 5 people or 25 people because we don't put any restrictions on who can attend. We just ask they come with an open mind to this, even if sceptical, and we have had many sceptics in our circles. When people attend the psychic experiments they have a real experience. There is no hypnosis, NLP, or suggestion with those who have experienced something. They feel, they see, sometimes they hear and always sense something during the experiment. And many people often see and experience the same thing at the same time. 

The Psychic Experiments follow an empirical science path in that we do the experiments and get the same results repeatedly. We do the experiment we different people in many different countries and get the same results. If you can repeat the same experiment again and again, and the results are the same then it is accepted as being a fact. 

  • People experience hot and cold temperatures, sometimes boiling hot in the air.

  • Flowers move in people's hands.

  • The leaves are seen moving

  • People can feel the flower stem moving and see it twisting.

  • Arms and hands have become distorted due the "Etheric" or spirit energy all around us.

  • Faces of loved ones who died have been seen.

  • Hands and wrists and face have disappeared as the energy moves across the body parts, dark energy blocks the light.

  • Light is seen between the fingers as the photoplasmic energy moves between the physical body, or aura of the person.

  • Lights are seen in the room (These are spirit lights emanating from the body of a spirit being).

  • Orbs are seen floating in the air.

  • People have been touched by spirit entities on different parts of their body.

  • EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or spirit voices are captured on the recorders.