Ghostcircle Team – Jamie

     Jamie Wilkins

 Jamie is the Musical Director of Ghostcircle

Jamie has a degree in Music from University College London  (UCL) and spends his time composing and listening to music.  In his spare time he loves to conduct orchestras and plays the Bassoon with various orchesteral groups. He his love of Music began at an early age in primary school. Jamie is self taught in playing, and composing music. He has been psychic from an early age and saw his first ghost on the landing outside his bedroom at the age of 10, when it walked out of the wall and blocked the light.  Jamie loves to trawl shops for old music sheet music, and finds charity shops very useful for picking up some great musical scores. He also has a large collection of antique instruments.

On filming with Ghostcircle he says:

 "I love the travel, experiencing all the different food, and meeting really interesting people at the locations we film at. But I especially love the excitment of doing Ghost Hunts in a new location. Ross castle had a profound affect on me as it was the first time a door opened in front of me and I heard somebody, like a child,  running down the stairs."