Ghostcircle Team – Ben

  Ben Clutton

  Psychic Medium

Ben is a qualified gardner with a degree in horticulture. He currently works as a dog walker and gardner for many different clients. His long term aim is to setup his own garden nursery.  Ben has a great affinity with flowers and they certainly respond to him. You can see the flower moving quite often during filming with Ghostcircle. Some amazing flower moving results can be seen in episodes of Schloss Erichsburg, The Mermaid Inn, and Greenways Farm. It was Greenways Farm where he experienced flower moving for the first time. In his spare time he like to take selfies!!

On filming with Ghostcircle he says:

 "Although I'm a bit of a scaredy cat while filming Ghost Hunts at different locations with Ghostcircle, I love the thrill of being scared, which is probably why I love scary movies too."