What is it?
Physical mediumship involves a form of phenomena whereby external spirit entities manipulate the energies and substances of a medium, whether it is man or woman, to form physical manifestations such as spirit bodies that in human form or voice boxes where a spirit can speak directly from their world to ours.

The spirit communicators provide an interface of communication between our world on earth and their worlds known as spirit world.

Other physical phenomena that can be produced are physical smells, hot or cold drafts, levitation, apportation of objects from mid air, transfiguration, spirit lights, raps or knocks, direct voice communication, and physical apparitions.




NEW PHOTOPLASM The  pictures below show the new photoplasm emerging from a medium based in New Zealand. See the white cloud like formation captured by digital infra red camera. The infra red light on the camera was blocked off, and instead a normal red light was used to illuminate the room. See the white mist is forming below the mediums head and in front of the body.


Photoplasm 2

Picture 1

Photoplasm 2a

Picture 2

NEW PHOTOPLASM The two pictures above capture the new photoplasm energy on camera from a New Zealand psychic circle.

Picture 1 - The medium is sitting in a chair stationary.

Picture 2 - You can see the mist starting to emerge from the body covering the mediums top half.



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The above picture shows ectoplasm emerging from a medium known as Stanislava P. It was taken during an experiment setup by the great Physical Mediumship investigator Baron Prof von Schrenck Notzing.


The experiment was done under the strictest test conditions whereby the medium was searched thoroughly and was naked except for a light dressing gown. Note the sealed bags covering her hands and there is a light black veil covering her face through which the ECTOPLASM is forming. The experiment was repeated many times.


Why have I not heard of Physical Mediumship before?

Physical mediumship is very rare due to the punishment that your body takes when trying to allow spirits to materialised from their world into our world. To do this they take substances from the physical body to form what is called ectoplasm and photoplasm which a refined form of ectoplasm that can be used in visible red and blue light. This substance can also be taken from other physical objects like clothes, carpets, tables, or furniture, in a psychic circle, but it’s mainly comes from the physical mediums body. Once the ectoplasm or photoplasm is formed, a spirit can clothe itself in this material to allow it to be seen in our world. This is usually done in a sťance or psychic circle, as I prefer to call it. It can be painful and leaves you with a kind of psychic hangover the next day, or even couple of days. I feel sluggish tired and a bit paranoid, even sickly for a few hours the next day. For me I know something is going on without seeing what actually occurs in a physical circle as the after effects are proof enough that I have had an ordeal. It is never the same place or the same people and conditions can be warm or cold so you cant suggest that I may be poisoned or allergic to something, thus the after effects are a related to my physical environment because they are not.

Physical mediumship offers the highest form of proof of life after death whereby those who have passed on are able to re-appear in solid form, exactly as they were when they lived on the earth. This is done with a physical medium, a person that has developed the ability to produce large amounts of ectoplasm from the physical body. This allows a spirit person to re-form their physical body just as it was on earth, warts and all. When I say warts and all, spirits appearing in physical mediumship can have any defects that they had on their body, such as missing fingers, scars, and so on. These defects give an added proof to a loved one, who knows that the person is who they say they are, and no fraud is taking place. Physical mediumship is done in darkness usually with a low red light or blue light. I can affirm 100% that physical mediumship is real and is a wonderful unique gift.

There are many facets to physical mediumship. These are direct voice, materialisations, apports, transfiguration, psychic smells, raps, people being touched, levitation of the table and other objects. A medium usually goes into trance but this is not always the case. I will give a brief explanation of each below.


With transfiguration the face of a spirit person can be seen forming over the mediums face, or other sitters faces. It is best to do this mediumship in a red light so the ectoplasm can form over the sitters faces without being destroyed. The faces can be very clear at times, with the mediums face completely disappearing. On other occasions many faces can appear over a mediums face quite rapidly but each one is distinct from each other. Features like beards and moustaches can be clearly seen. Objects like glasses or earrings, smoking pipes or hats. The hair can change shape and size including the body shape, where it can appear large or small. You need to see it to believe it, it is not an optical illusion as people in my circles can see the ectoplasm forming on the faces opposite or their own hands. Fingers can extend and diminish in front of ones eyes, not just to one person but all individuals. It is very fascinating to see.

Direct Voice 

Direct voice is another very interesting part of physical mediumship, where the voice of a spirit speaks to sitters out of mid air. Most mediums have a speaking trumpet sitting on the floor of a circle or table if one is required. The trumpets used for this type of communication are conical shaped object with holes at both ends. The trumpet is placed in the centre of the circle of people present, when the atmosphere is right for spirit they will sometimes make the trumpet float in the air and make it fly around the room stopping at a person they may want to speak to. More often the trumpet is not really used for communication or amplification, but it makes the psychic phenomena very interesting and helps concentrate the mind. Direct voice and independent voice are basically the same thing, but some people have different ideas about how these work. The voices are created from an artificial voice box formed from ectoplasm again taken from the physical medium. Psychic power needs to be generated from the sitters to help form ectoplasm for the communication so some music is played and a singsong helps bring the power up. Once the power is sufficient it can take a few minutes for a spirit to master the voice box. Once the voices come through it’s as clear and powerful as anyone talking in the room. Men, women, children, of all ages languages and accents can speak. Direct voice mediumship unfortunately requires complete darkness to function but again it offers direct proof of life after death as questions and answers can be made to the spirit individuals.


Apports occur in a psychic circle where a physical object is materialised by spirit guides, to the group of people sitting in circle.  Usually this involves a physical object that has been dematerialised in one location, transported to another and re-materialised. It has been known for objects to appear to individuals who are not in a circle or have anything to do with mediumship, or have any contact with psychics. The objects can be almost anything from flowers, books, jewelery and even money usually coins (usually small denomination values, remember financial wealth is not important to spirit), I even heard the story of an umbrella being dropped onto its owner’s lap, which had been left outside of the room.  Apports occur for particular reasons and psychic circle sitters do not usually sit for the purpose of bringing apports through. They just happen during a psychic circle if the spirit has the energy or a particular reason to do so. One strange peculiarity of apports is that they have an extended life if they happen to be a flower for example; there are reports where it lasted for months or up to a year in some cases. Apports are great fun and it makes you wonder if the transporters from Star Trek will be a reality one day.

Levitation of Objects

Levitation is the movement of objects without normal means of support. This can be done by either psychokinetic energy (telekinesis) or by the use of ectoplasm. One of the most amazing examples of levitation was through the mediumship of D.D. Hume. On over 100 occasions during the 1860's and into the late 1870's he was levitated up to the ceiling and often around the room above the heads of the sitters. On one occasion he was levitated out the window of a third story room and in through the window of an adjacent room. In a physical circle ectoplasmic rods are created and are used to move objects such as a table. I have seen the table move in many different ways with people lightly touching the table, so light that you can see fingertips gently touching the surface. The rods sometimes form out of the solar plexus and stomach area of my body, but then can be connected to other sitters as well if needs be. Sometimes sitters feel a sharp pain in some areas of the body, normally legs or arms, when these rods are inserted. The medium is the significant source of ectoplasm, but some regular sitters are used as extra energy resources.

Raps or Knocks

A very common phenomena is table raps or knocks. The sounds of these raps range from soft finger like taps, to large knocks like knuckles on a table. Quite often you would also hear a sound like wood splintering or cracking. On other occasions ectoplasmic rods can cause raps to occur. With all of these raps or knocks, you can establish a code for yes or no answers to questions. I use one rap for “yes” and two raps for “no”.  If is quite an effective form of communication, and if you ask the right question, it can also be very informative. I have even had prophetic questions answered whereby the answer was verified weeks or months later.

Spirit Lights

If the people in a circle are very harmonious it can create conditions for some wonderful phenomena. One of these is the appearance of spirit lights. Spirit lights come in all intensities and colours. Common colours are blue, white, and red. The colours can be seen as bright spots from time to time, however they can have incredibly intense brightness on rare occasions. The lights are considered to be a representation of a spirits presence and their vibration. The brighter the spirit light usually indicates higher levels of spirit development.

When the spirit operators withdraw the etheric energy-matter from the medium's body, it is known as ectoplasm. It is through the use and manipulation of ectoplasm that the physical phenomena occur. Ectoplasm can be created in many different forms, visible and invisible, white and coloured. It’s dependent upon what the Spirit guides wish to do with this incredible substance.  Once created, the ectoplasm generally emerges from the medium through some bodily orifice (nose or mouth) or through a psychic centre, located near the navel, known as the solar plexus. Ectoplasm can be used to move objects. During a demonstration such as this, the spirit operator might mould the ectoplasm into hardened rods. The ectoplasm is “collected” by spirit helpers and mixed with chemicals on their side to create a refined ectoplasm, which they then use in physical phenomena structures, be it materialisations or table raps and movements.


With materialisations, the Spirit guides collect ectoplasm from inanimate (furniture, materials in the room) and animate objects (namely the medium and circle sitters) where it’s is mixed with etheric chemicals on their side, to form a stable moulding substance that spirits can use to create an exact physical body of how they looked on earth or as they now appear in spirit. The degree and strength of the materialized form varies quite a bit. A fully materialised form or head-to-toe materialization of a spirit is, perhaps, the most amazing phenomenon witnessed in mediumship. There are countless recorded cases where spirits have materialised fully, with full dress, facial features, and any distinguishing marks that they previously had on their body. They can look as solid as our earthly body appears. On some occasions materialised spirits have gone to the extent of creating fingerprints of their materialised hands, moved heavy objects, and danced with sitters. Materialised spirits can walk among the sitters; talk to the sitters via direct voice; touch, hug, and kiss the sitters; allow the sitters to touch them; materialize in front of the sitters; pass through walls; and dematerialise before the sitters.
            During the manifestations, the physical medium usually sits within an enclosed area, called a cabinet. The cabinet is basically anything which allows a physical medium to sit away from the sitters. The cabinet also helps focus the energies and creates a type of battery from which the phenomena can be formed and energized. There is usually a curtain in front of the cabinet, which can be spread apart in order for people to see what is going on within the cabinet. When a materialisation is about to happen the curtains are closed. The reasons for this are two fold; firstly it protects the medium, as the spirits are using part of his bodily energies to mould the ectoplasm into a form; and secondly, the curtains obscures the build up of the materialised form which can be quite disturbing to look at. During the start of the materialisation build up, the lighting in the room is usually very low, if not complete darkness. A dim red light or even a bright red light usually provides the only light source. My spirit guides have told me that white light tends to inhibit the phenomena, while dim red light energizes it. My spirit guide will often tell me how much light I can have, as they will know the strength of the ectoplasmic energy that has been collected. I sometimes use a blue and red light. The conditions around us always determine how good a sitting will be. As soon as the materialised spirit form is ready, it will step out of the cabinet into full view.
             One of the most interesting phenomena seen during materialisation is the physical link between the materialised form and the medium. After a spirit materializes and walks away from the medium, cord of ectoplasm linking the spirit form with the physical medium can often be seen. This ectoplasmic cord can be likened to the umbilical cord of a foetus. Through it, the spirit operator receives a supply of etheric energy-matter from the medium. The spirit may dematerialise by withdrawing the ectoplasm back into the medium's body via this cord. There seems to be no limits to what Spirit can do through physical mediumship, provided the proper conditions prevail.

So why is Physical Mediumship so rare then?

Physical mediumship was very common during the last century up until around the 1930's but it declined rapidly in the 1950’s. In the early half of the 20th century, the power and range of phenomena seen was amazing. Unfortunately, these days it is quite rare to see it. As I said earlier, people are just not dedicated enough to sacrifice their time and effort into developing physical mediumship. It really does take total selfless devotion to harness and develop this form of mediumship. In those early years of the 20th century, a psychic circle was a social event. Most of the great pioneer mediums began by sitting in a home circle. Nowadays, it seems as if there is an increase in development circles since the start of the 21st century, but not necessarily physical mediumship circles. We may be on the verge of a new growth in psychic development circles. Hopefully some of these may turn into some physical mediumship. I noticed that during the end of the 1990’s, there seemed to be a resurgence of interest in physical mediumship, but it still tends to be an underground movement with closed circles, whose members will sit for years to get the phenomena and do not want any publicity. I can understand this, as I have run a few physical mediumship circles myself for many years, and although they were not closed as such, not all members were willing to stay the course year after year.

Why has physical mediumship not continued from the early part of the 20th century?

Well I see two reasons for this:
The first point is this; when modern Spirit phenomena started appearing in the Victorian and Edwardian period, it was relatively new and people of course wanted to see it live. They needed objective evidence of Spirit's presence, and of course Spirit guides were quite willing to provide evidence of physical manifestations. When people began to accept the reality of life after death and mediums evidence, the masses yearned for more spiritual teaching and philosophy. This gradually reduced the occurrence of physical mediumship. As a counter balance to physical mediumship, mental mediumship began to predominate. In other words, the needs of humanity through their “thoughts”, dictated how Spirit responded to those needs. The conditions were created by the yearning thoughts of men and women. It is always the case with Spirit that, if enough people think of these things then the thoughts start to create new realities. Maybe a new promotion of ideas like in this book could help the cause of physical phenomena to grow again.
            The second point on the decline of physical mediumship is the basic fact that the development of physical mediumship can be a lengthy process, sometimes tedious, with no materialisations happening in the circle for years or longer. It requires great commitment on everyone's part and, can generally focus around the development of one, maybe two, people in the circle having the necessary energies or vibrations, with the other people sitting contributing also to the energies and their own development.  I would add that you usually have some very interesting things occurring while it may not be materialisations; you will certainly have raps, table movement, psychic smells, spirit lights, transfiguration, and other note worthy physical phenomena.
            I have seen so many things in the physical circles that I have led. Sometimes I heard some very unusual sounds  such as, the clinking of a knights armour after he was seen clairvoyantly, or the shuffling of a Victorian woman’s pannier dress across the floor, some birds flapping their wings, foot steps walking around the wooden floor of a circle, voices from mid air, tables moving of their own accord, psychic smells that fill the whole room, lights turning themselves up and down, or off. But one of the most amazing phenomena would be the blue lightning figures. The blue lightning was seen by at least a dozen people in a red light and appeared set against an empty fire place for at least a couple of minutes. There were about two or three rod like lights about 15inches long, which had a wavy like appearance. Every night is different, but for me it’s extremely draining, physically and mentally. The next day I feel like I have a hangover. I am extremely sensitive to crowds, noise, and light. I only start recovering in the evening, which sounds a bit like the effects of a hangover. My energy is used and abused by the spirit guides; in the nicest sort of way of course (smiling and looking heaven wards as I write this). Seriously, you need a lot of tenacity to cope with the physical energies and rise above the harshness of the world before you try this. On the plus side though, the experiences you have will last a lifetime. Actually it’s an eternity, because we never die. 

What are the things that make a physical medium?

Well, mediumship itself is not exclusive to a few people as it is a very natural aspect of the Spirit body. Indeed, to a large extent, everyone can develop mediumistic ability to link with their Spirit guides, thus becoming receptive to the influences coming from those in Spirit. But, not everyone can become a physical medium. Physical mediumship requires certain elements to be present within the physical organism of the medium. Either you have those elements or you don’t. To become a physical medium you need to have the elements within you to create the substance, from which the fundamental building blocks of physical phenomena are formed, namely ectoplasm. Secondly you need an abundance of patience. Thirdly, a physical medium usually has increased sensitivity, so you need a strong will to cope with life and things that are thrown at you, this will help immensely.
            Studies in physical mediumship have recently found that Illness, and physical exhaustion, tend to weaken the energies necessary for physical mediumship; as do long periods of cloudy weather. On the other hand, good health, sunny days and vigorous circle members helps the mediumship to appear more dazzling and energized.

New Ectoplasm or "Photoplasm"

I have been helping spirit develop a new form of “ectoplasm” for physical materialisation. This new substance is not like the “old ectoplasm”, which I would describe as a very crude form of material used by mediums in the early twentieth century. Spirit chemists have been working to develop new material on their side. We all progress together on both sides, so spirit guides do not have all the answers to every question; but, they are obviously infinitely more advanced on their side. It is we who are falling behind, always playing catch up. There are two forms of this new ectoplasm, which I call “the quickening”. I call it this because the vibration of this new energy is different to the older ectoplasm, being of a quicker vibration. The difference between these two energies means, that given the right conditions, this photoplasm energy can be produced from the medium, and the sitters too. The real bonus is that the formation of the spirit can be achieved without the medium going into trance, and without the aid of a cabinet, or the room being in complete darkness. This new ectoplasm is structured in such a way that it cannot be grabbed or man handled, but will dissolve or disappear on contact with anyone other than the medium, or from anyone who is producing it. Indeed, should spirit wish to touch somebody then it will form into a solid structure, just like any physical body. The ectoplasm can be seen as clouds of energy with faces in them, or even a structured net like substance similar to fine lace with cross connecting strands. It was found in my experiments that the more harmonious the circle is, the more powerful and tactile the energy is. To put a name to this ectoplasm I would term it as “photoplasm”, because it has more properties of a holographic light that can turn into a solid form. This is not to say that it cannot also be transparent like a hologram, because it can be. It comes out like a mist that condenses from the body, and turns into a pliable energy form. It can be light or solid. This is why it has two forms and is more flexible. This energy can be felt around individuals as a tingling electrical charge. At times it can be seen as a light blue colour, with little sparkling lights in it.
                I have produced several spirits at the same time in low wattage red and blue lights, in the presence of more than twenty-five people. The “new ectoplasm” or Photoplasm was used to lift a very heavy table whilst I was walking around the outside of the physical circle, which is very unusual as most physical mediums are literally “tied” to their chair (to prevent trickery), or in a trance to do this. People who have viewed this ectoplasm have seen it literally clinging to me like a cloud on my back that pulsates backward and forward as I move around the circle. It is difficult for me to see as it hangs off me, but independent witnesses have described it as above. This quickening ectoplasm can be seen in a strong red or blue light and very rarely in white light or even sunlight.  It is still being developed and refined by spirit chemists.
                  There are other mediums who currently have this ability, but have not realised what exactly they are dealing with. They are manifesting this photoplasm in private. But because of these complex energies, and trying to work with this difficult phenomena, most mediums tend to have a very close group of sympathetic people who also have a like mind in proving the existence of life after death. However, large groups are not a problem for me and I have had hundreds of people who have attended my circles and have on occasions witnessed what I have described above.
                The ectoplasm will in the future be developed in the aura of a medium, which will allow it to be manipulated in a much safer environment compared to how it was developed in the past. It will remove the frequent problem of exposure to white light, which causes the ectoplasm to become unstable and rush back into the mediums body, thus causing potential physical injury, and in some cases even death. The photoplasm will hopefully reduced any injury to the medium as the photoplasm will just dissolve without causing any injury. I have been told that in the near future the photo/ectoplasm will be drawn out of the aura and be manipulated to allow a spirit to appear in a holographic projection form, which will at time become solid enough for people to touch. What we expect to see is a spirit forming from what would look like an electrical field of energy and light. The field will also have sound frequencies and light combined with the ectoplasm drawn from the aura of a physical medium. A holographic projection machine will be invented to allow this to occur, there will be a combined effort from both worlds to make this happen. It sounds very exciting and I am sure the results will be spectacular. Arthur Conan-Doyle has told me this will be coming in the near future. 

 See Photoplasmic Theory

Copyright - Patrick McNamara 2009



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The great direct voice medium Leslie Flint whose direct voice recordings can be listened to on this site. CLICK HERE

He was one of the most tested mediums in Britain and his direct voice mediumship was the attested as being absolutely genuine and covered a forty year period.





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The pictures shows some of the many 100's of apports that appeared in the Physical circle of Minnie Harrison. What you see are flowers of carnations, roses and metallic items which were, an 1864 Victorian coin, a lapel badge, and soldiers button. Some were handed to the sitters by materialised spirit forms.






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The above pictures shows "Aunt Agg" materialising in the Minnie Harrison physical circle during the 1940's. It was taken in a low red light and the film has a two minute exposure. The materialisation reputedly stood there for 5 minutes. You can see that there is double exposure from the gentleman on the left who moved as the film was taken.. It is interesting to see the different textures in the ectoplasm build up, stronger at the top and lighter as it descends downwards.







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Spirit photography can capture faces of our deceased loved ones within ectoplasmic clouds. You quite clearly see the faces below which were recognised by the sitter in the photograph. (She's not very happy as you can see)

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Mrs Thorns Pictures

Mrs Thorn

Mrs Thorn Face

Mrs Thorn 2

Thorn 2 Face


Mrs Thorn 3

Single Face