What is it?

Direct voice is one of the most fascinating phenomena you could ever come across. It is produced by a physical medium with the special ability to allow spirit entities to communicate from their world of spirit, with our physical dimension. For this phenomenon to occur Direct Voice conditions normally requires complete darkness and a harmonious group of sitting individuals. The spirit communicators create what is called a voice box the material of which is made up from the physical medium, the sitter's energy, and spirit chemicals added to ectoplasm drawn from the medium. The voice box is built each time a psychic circle sits and the length of the sitting is determined by the power or energy generated from the sitters as well as the physical conditions that surround the sitter's. The weather can actually have an influence on the harmony as stormy conditions are less favourable compared to dry mild conditions. The temperature within the room will affect the comfort of each individual as some people prefer warm of cool atmospheres, so if it's hot summers evening or cold winter night this will also affects the sitters comfort and thus the harmony. Any illness, such as a cold or flu from a circle member, and especially the medium themselves, can reduce the power and length of the direct voice sitting.

Direct Voice Recordings

Across the page are direct voice tapes converted to digital format from the great Leslie Flint circle who was perhaps the greatest direct voice medium. He sat in his direct voice circle with the voices of spirits coming through to thousands of sitter's for over 30 years.

Listen to the voices and judge for yourself. He was one of the most tested mediums ever and when he was experimented on by scientists on all occasions he was tied up and firmly gagged, but still the voices came through!!

You will notice that all the voices have their own personality, whether they be male or female, or famous individuals like US presidents and scientists, or infamous like the 18th century highwayman or Cromwellian soldier. There are as many ordinary voices as well extraordinary ones too.

I earnestly believe that all the evidence presented here is done with sincerity and is as objective as can be. I personally know three people who sat in with Lesley Flint and their stories tell how honest and dedicated he was to helping prove survival after death. They had no doubts that the voices were real as they had communication from their own loved ones who gave them evidential proof.

With his very special gift Leslie Flint never became a rich man, or even a famous personality. Although he was well known during his time on earth, he lived a recluse life and shunned publicity. He always allowed scientific access to investigate his abilities.

Leslie Flint - Direct Voice Medium



Sir Winston Churchill Speaks about man on the brink of destruction from the after life

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Oscar Wilde Speaks from spirit world about how he is still writing and that "being dead is an extraordinary thing"

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Mahatma Gandhi Speaks about Religion bringing confusion and stress. "The earth is a training ground"

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US President Thomas Jefferson Speaks about how he is still interested in politics. He hung around the earth after his death but "nobody could listen to him"

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George Bernard Shaw discusses his writings and plays, and how he lost his Irish accent.

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Scientist Marie Curie discusses how she was influenced from the spirit world in her work. "How wonderful it is to speak from this side".

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Irish statesman Charles Stuart Parnell discusses his life in spirit and that "damn politicians are curse to the world" - How the church preaches with "the bible in one hand and the sword in another".

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle discusses how those who tried to speak the truth about the reality spirit like Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir William Crookes found their reputations and careers suffered, just like himself. But even now they do not regret it one bit.

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Mickey - Leslie Flints Guide

Psychic Artists impression of "Mickey", Leslie Flints direct voice guide, who was the main speaker for most of his communications. Hear him speak about Mediumship, animals in the spirit world and Life Force......

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Sir William Crookes

Sir William Crookes - Eminent physicist, chemist. Discoverer of the element Thallium, influenced the design of the cathode ray tube, and inventor the radiometer and crookes tube which led to the discovery of x-rays. A Royal Society member and investigator of Physical Mediumship. Hear him speak about Mediumship and Nature spirits.

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Civil War Lobster Pot Helmet

English Civil War Soldier who fought for the roundheads on Oliver Cromwell's side. He was called Jeremiah and was killed in battle. Speaks about his life and the futility of war.

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Civil War Lobster Pot Helmet

Harry Price - Famous psychic investigator who investigated mediums and psychic phenomena in the early 1900's. He tells how difficult it is to prove the reality of spirit world at the moment but it will happen eventually when scientists get the correct "tools"..

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Terry Smith - Royal Navy sailor who went down with the HMS Hood sunk by the mighty German battleship the Bismarck tells of his arrival in the spiritual realms..

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Jeremiah - 6674K - 36 minutes - recorded 1963
A 1600's Cromwellian soldier killed in battle narrates his death and gives his views of the futility of war
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Elizabeth Fry - 6995K - 37 minutes - recorded 1962
Fry was a Quaker and prison reformer - spirit obsession - recognising loved ones in the afterlife

product image 2 Andre - 4987K - 27 minutes - recorded 1964
Talking about the conditions in the spiritual spheres
product image 2

Ted Butler/Dr. Charles Marshall - 5717K - 30 minutes - recorded 1964
crushed against a wall by a runaway truck Ted describes being able to see his body and his temporary earthbound condition then his help in transition to the etheric sphere

product image 2 David - 4391K - 23 minutes - recorded 1960 - transcript
the mechanics of the voice box used for direct voice communications
product image 2 Mike Fearon 1 - 6737K - 36 minutes - recorded 1960's
The shackles of the church
product image 2 Mike Fearon 2 - 5109K - 27 minutes - recorded 1960
Delaying your own progress to help those left behind - creative powers to build in the afterlife
product image 2

Mike Fearon 3 - 7520K - 40 minutes - recorded 1959
Busy at rescue work - people not realizing they're 'dead

product image 2 Rupert Brooke - 5376K - 36 minutes - recorded 1957
His transition and experience of the afterlife
product image 2 Queen Alexandra - 5060K - 27 minutes - recorded 1960
no longer has a title but not bound by politics and religion
product image 2 Lords Birkett & Birkenhead - 10,486K  - 57 minutes - recorded 1962
The 'Hanging Judges' change their views in the afterlife and speak out against the death penalty
product image 2 Ellis the hangman - 5763K  - 31 minutes - recorded 1962
The regrets of his job as he views it now
product image 2 Eliz & Rob Browning - 5869K  - 31 minutes - recorded 1969
spiritual philosophy from the 1800s poet team
product image 2 Queen Victoria & John Brown - 5650K - 12 minutes - recorded 1960's - transcript
The Queen speaks of things she could not speak of when reigning. Her personal medium, John Brown joins in for two minutes
product image 2 John Brown - 7347K - 39 minutes - recorded 1960's
On being the Queen's medium and a description of his life in the world of spirit
product image 2 Chopin - 5657K - 30 minutes - recorded 1959
the great composer still composes
product image 2 George Briggs - 5767K - 31 minutes - recorded 1963
a member of the Christadelphian religious sect now realizes the fallacy of his beliefs
product image 2 Edna Churchill -9306K - 50 minutes - recorded 1974 - sound not clear at first but gets better
some answers to practical questions such as the spiritual body and clothes - the need of the world to understand the reality of survival
product image 2 Guiseppe - 5178K - 27 minutes - recorded 1967
Florentine artist finds he has a beautiful palette of colors to work with among the wonders of the afterlife
product image 2 George Bakewell - 4858K - 26 minutes - recorded 1964
teaches young people in the afterlife
product image 2 Rudolph Valentino - 8920K - 48 minutes - recorded 1962
the silent film great speaks of his career and fans - his attempts to find a medium to communicate through
product image 2 Father O'Leary - 5810K - 31 minutes - recorded 1964
drowned after falling down a well he impresses upon a sensitive to find his body
product image 2 Brother Boniface - 5578K - 30 minutes
Brother Boniface was a monk at the Bury St. Edmund's monastery - what is God
product image 2 Brother Boniface - 7037K - 38 minutes - recorded 1960's
road to spirituality
product image 2 Brother Boniface - 8854K - 47 minutes - recorded 1974
church religion and the young
product image 2 Brother Boniface - 5755K - 31 minutes - recorded 1960's
complete love
product image 2 Mickey - 8402K - 44 minutes
Flint's guide Mickey on love and marriage
product image 2 Alfred Pritchett - 7641K - 41 minutes - recorded 1960
not realizing he was killed in battle Alf couldn't understand why the German soldiers seemed to ignore him and pass him by - you can't destroy man even when you blow him up
product image 2 Frederick Olsen - 5033K - 27 minutes - recorded 1967
the value of afterlife knowledge in making the transition
product image 2 Laughing Molly - 5873K - 31 minutes - recorded 1965
is she still having too much to drink?
product image 2 Sir Winston Churchill - 7507K - 40 minutes
man is teetering on the brink of destruction - perhaps the time may come that man may wish he had stayed on the level of the animal - the possibility of bringing germs back from the moon - science working for the detriment of the human race - the stupidity of trying to freeze the body and prolong life - religion the blind leading the blind
product image 2 Herbert Hoover - 5348K - 29 minutes - recorded 1976
The former United States president is still interested in the affairs of nations of this world
product image 2 Rose 1 - 5020K - 27 minutes - recorded 1963
Rose Hawkins - a flower seller on the street prominently featured in Randall Neville's 'Life After Death' on the Woods-Greene Flint recordings
product image 2 Rose 2 - 5541K - 39 minutes - recorded 1965
some of the answers to the most practical questions on the afterlife conditions of all the recordings
product image 2 Chinese man - 4622K - 25 minutes - transcript
possibly Confucius but wouldn't give his name - no words to describe the sphere on which he dwells
product image 2 Dr. Charles Marshall - 6088K - 32 minutes - recorded early 70's
his views on organ transplantation and attempts to prolong life
product image 2 Alfred Frost - 4414K - 23 minutes - recorded 1968
during his transition his wife comes to meet him but she looks so young he doesn't recognize her - still does his wood carvings
product image 2 Amy Johnson - 4890K - 26 minutes - recorded 1970
the pioneer woman aviator is shocked by the reality of the afterworld
product image 2 Father Bernard - 5170K - 27 minutes - recorded 1969
spiritual communication opening the eyes of those who dwell in darkness - the value of these tapes in transforming the thinking of the world
product image 2 Holman Hunt - 8037K - 43 minutes - recorded 1962
hoping specific persons will come to communicate - not possible to 'call up the dead' - the possibility of impersonation by lower  level entities
product image 2 Sammy - 3480K - 18 minutes - recorded 1964
we not dead but nobody notices us even though I bang - that whoosh of cold air was me not the weather
product image 2 Mary Ann Ross - 5068K - 27 minutes - recorded 1969
she thought her death experience was just a beautiful dream -  her dog and a suitor she had turned downed awaited her - the beautiful poppies grow - nobody need worry about dying at all
product image 2 William Randolph Hearst - 5706K - 30 minutes - recorded 1966
If he had life to live over the newspaper magnate would use his power to educate the masses to the great truth of survival
product image 2 Dr. Cosmo Lang 1 - 7638K - 41 minutes - recorded 1959
the former Archbishop of Canterbury finds some of the things he thought were factual are not necessarily so - the influence of low level entities
product image 2 Dr. Cosmo Lang 2 - 7464K - 40 minutes - recorded 1960
response to the Church's Fellowship for Psychical Studies playing a tape of a previous communication - why the spirit direct voice may not necessarily sound identical the the earth voice
product image 2 Mary Ivan - 3851K - 20 minutes - recorded 1966
came to consciousness in the spirit world in a hospital like room surrounded by 'dead' friends and relatives - Do you know, no one need fear dying because it's the most wonderful thing, it's the most exciting thing that could ever happen to anyone. No one need ever worry about it.
product image 2 David 2 - 5346K - 28 minutes - recorded 1966
doing rescue work of earthbound - religious cases are among the worst - a case of a boy killed in a car wreck
product image 2 Emma Hardinge-Britten - 4178K - 22 minutes - recorded 1969
the renowned advocate and proponent in the early Spiritualist movement returns to encourage the advancement of spiritual knowledge
product image 2 Mickey & Dean Inge - 7031K - 38 minutes - recorded 1960
more truth in nature than you will ever find in church - the regret of preaching untruths that hold man back
product image 2 Nellie Klute - 8837K - 47 minutes - recorded 1972
speaks in a whisper - a program seller at the theatres she still comes back to watch the plays
product image 2 Mickey - Truth - 5304K - 28 minutes - seems to play too fast but still intelligible - What is truth - Atheists able to make progress more quickly that those held down by church teachings - Trying to build truth on shaky foundations  
product image 2 Annie Besant - 4557K - 24 minutes
apparently the English social activist and Theosophist didn't immediately re-incarnate after death as she believed for she is back with her own spiritual philosophy
product image 2 Sir Oliver Lodge 1 - 5346K - 28 minutes - recorded 1966 - transcript The great physicist and champion of survival speaks on communication via instruments - comments on alien visitation  
product image 2 Terry Smith - 4542K - 24 minutes - recorded 1966
Royal Navy sailor who went down with the HMS Hood sunk by the mighty German battleship the Bismarck tells of his arrival in the spiritual realms
product image 2 Arthur Findlay - 2258K - 12 minutes - recorded 1976 - transcript
the author of the classic of all survival books On the Edge of the Etheric returns to speak by the direct voice he was so prominent in publicizing - disillusioned with the state of the spiritualist movement - the need for the development of more good mediums - his views on the state of Arthur Findlay College
product image 2 Alfred Higgins - 4612K - 24 minutes - recorded 1963
killed in a fall from a ladder he tries to communicate with his wife and the mates down at the old pub
product image 2 Charles Morgan - 6321K - 33 minutes - recorded 1965
after dying of a stroke the ambulance took his body-thing away - he didn't know what to do so he just walked home and laid on the bed - then dear Mother came to help and off they went like Peter Pan
product image 2 Dr. Cosmo Lang 3 - 9045K - 48 minutes - recorded 1967
man and all life is spirit - found his earth ignorance was appalling - all forms of life are indestructible - all spirit is the same animating force - the material life is only one little episode in the great cavalcade of spiritual progression
product image 2 Harry Tucker - 4957K - 26 minutes - recorded 1968
my how things have changed since his time says the 1700's highwayman - thought he would whet his appetite with a drink but couldn't pick up his bottle - believed he was in a crazy stupid dream
product image 2 Dr. Cosmo Lang 4 - 8608K - 46 minutes
It's most difficult to find channels to communicate through - Type of sitters with medium makes a very important contribution - there is a great power beyond his comprehension - those who create their own illusionary heaven
product image 2 Louis Pasteur - 4060K - 21 minutes - recorded 1969
The French chemist and microbiologist known for the pasteurization process speaks of the role of the spirit and right thinking in health and healing
product image 2 Dr. Cosmo Lang 5 - 5545K - 29 minutes
The power of the spirit can manifest anywhere - the time will come when the whole of the church shall see through their darkness and perceive the power of the spirit - his regrets for stifling the results of his own committee's investigation into spirit communication
product image 2

Sid Hopkins - 4619K - 24 minutes
killed in a fall from a tree he meets a young man that calls him 'Dad' and finds it to be the son he had forgotten about having that died at infancy - and there was Timmy, his dog, wagging his tail - finds his old cronies can't see him because he is on a different vibration

product image 2 Dr. Cosmo Lang 6 - 8099K - 43 minutes
the work of the spirit - harder for those on higher spheres to bring their message - all manner of vibrations in the atmosphere that can be picked up by sensitized mediumistic instruments - time is the biggest illusion of all
product image 2 Dorcas - 5515K - 29 minutes - recorded 1964
an 18th century Scotswoman - used to haunt a place and got a great deal of pleasure in frightening people - she made people know Dorcas was around - children have more vitality to use to throw things about
product image 2 Dr. Karl Schultz - 4139K - 22 minutes - recorded 1959
Dachau concentration camp internee - after death he still didn't realize he could walk out of camp to freedom - none of those over there believe in a personal god
product image 2 George Harris - 3044K - 16 minutes - recorded 1970
where he is is as real as real can be - whatever you enjoy doing on earth you can carry on doing it there - still builds things out of bricks as solid as any on earth
product image 2 Bessie Smith - 4154K - 22 minutes - recorded 1967
slave cotton picker from the fields of Alabama (Fantastic deep south accent)- surprised she didn't have any wings - has some dandy shoes and a nice dress now - loves education - Dr. Marshall comes in the last three minutes
product image 2 Mickey 3 - 4735K - 25 minutes
man makes his own heaven and hell - being 'dead' is a wonderful exciting business - are those that don't realize we're real people
product image 2 Isaac Watson - 6581K - 35 minutes - recorded 1964
Jewish son of Polish immigrant - a sense of tremendous relief to pass on to where he found himself - found an exact replica of the old home - very wrong to assume that the earth is the only world
product image 2 Prof. Charles Richet - 4354K - 23 minutes
pioneer psychical researcher and professor of physiology at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris - coined the word 'ectoplasm' by which he is now speaking - discusses direct voice and trance mediumship - his knowledge helpful in his transition - his world in many ways like the earth from the point of nature and in ways more real that here
product image 2 Lionel Barrymore - 2635K - 14 minutes - recorded 1957
the famed actor and director still interested in the theater - mother, father and dog there to meet him - found a natural world but no factories or automobiles
product image 2 Marie St. Clair Stobart - 3599K - 19 minutes - recorded 1968 - transcript
by a combination of scientific approach and high-formed mediumship we shall eventually bring forth a method of communication that will astound and astonish the world and bring conviction to all doubters that none can dispute and all will accept
product image 2 Rev Drayton Thomas - 5166K - 27 minutes - recorded 1956
an investigator of Leslie Flint while here returns to speak himself - the same laws of life operate on all the levels of consciousness - everything of the mind has its physical counterpart
product image 2 Lillian Baylis - 3484K - 18 minutes - recorded 1963
the grandmother of the national theatre returns to mourn the destruction of the Old Vic Theatre -found herself no sooner dead than alive - language useless in trying to describe her new conditions
product image 2

Mickey 4 - 7632K - 41 minutes -recorded 1972
Mediumship, animals and life force

product image 2 Sir William Crookes - 5183K - 27 minutes - recorded 1962
the famous psychic researcher and world's foremost scientist in his day speaks on the validity of nature spirits/sprites - communication will probably always require some form of mediumistic power though it may not necessarily have to be human...possibly may be animal or even vegetable - the cumulative thought force of man giving vitality to a form of life that may be picked up by sensitized instruments
product image 2 Ralph Thomas - 5337K - 28 minutes - recorded 1965
Mickey with 7 minute introduction - from 18th Century Bath England - compares architecture and conditions then and now - still designs objects of architectural beauty
product image 2 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1 - 5101K - 28 minutes
Spiritualism's greatest champion comments on how his, Lodge's, Crooke's and other's careers and reputations were made to suffer due to their efforts to expound this great truth - every man has the opportunity to develop the spiritual powers that lie dormant within him
product image 2 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 2 - 5356K - 28 minutes
discusses development circles and communications from Marilyn Monroe
product image 2 Bobby Tracey - 3746K - 20 minutes - recorded 1967
a five year old boy killed in a smash on the road with his mother - still goes to school, plays games and swims in the river - a fun kid to listen to
product image 2 Dr. Cosmo Lang 7 - 6959K - 37 minutes
a congenial group produces an illumination that makes conditions possible for communication - spirit people are not gods but only people that have progressed along the road of spiritual realization - now accepts things that he would have viewed as heresy on earth where he had a false idea of his own importance - no one will take upon themselves the responsibility to save you
product image 2 Sir Oliver Lodge 2 - 6372K - 34 minutes - recorded 1965
the difficulties of famous personalities in proving their identities - the truth of communication will never be fully accepted until a method that is purely scientific is developed - knows that the mentality of his scientific colleagues will reject survival as long as possible for material reasons from their deep rooted convictions - religious organizations the biggest hindrance to spiritual advancement
product image 2 Elizabeth Garret Anderson - 2790K - 14 minutes - recorded 1968
the first woman doctor licensed to practice in Britain still doctoring as she gives George Woods a lecture on taking care of himself so as to be able to continue this work

product image 2


Rev Stainton Moses - 5242K - 28 minutes
the 1800s medium says scientists from both worlds will one day forge a link between the two worlds so that man will have to realize that which is true since time began; that death is not a dividing barrier but a door that man will walk through and be one with those who have gone before - science will perfect an instrument which will be able to tune in the higher waves of their world and may be possible to see souls - will be so evidential to humanity that it will change completely the outlook of mankind and rob the world of the fear of death
product image 2 A Persian - 4666K - 25 minutes - recorded 1964
after 300 to 400 years in the spirit world has found true spiritual advancement not to be found in groups, organizations or churches - religion is the enemy of mankind - has made man like sheep ready to be lead to slaughter
product image 2 George Bernard Shaw - 3292K - 17 minutes
the playwright answers the question of why he has now lost his Irish accent - says the vast majority are psychic without realizing it - discusses his writing and the messages of his plays subjects
product image 2 Sir Thomas Beecham - 6419K - 34 minutes
the conductor still conducts in a world at a very different vibration - UFO entities from planets have interest in assisting us - will find how jolly good it is there - has a much younger appearance now - able to hear sitters thoughts before they speak
product image 2 Scott - 8235K - 44 minutes - recorded 1964
the complexities of communication - not a simple matter to find a particular person to come to communicate - a great deal depends on the sitters themselves on what they will receive - mediums working on a low level
product image 2 Ellen Terry - 5273K - 28 minutes - recorded 1965
the elegant voice of the Shakespearean stage actress tells us there is no need for anyone to fear the crossing from our world to theirs - man has created death in ignorance and foolishness - a place for everyone according to their conditions - impossible to describe advanced spheres - colors beyond description can only be compared to the rainbows of the earth
product image 2 Dr. Stephen Ward - 8446K - 45 minutes - recorded 1966
a composite from several recordings - theirs is the substantial world - are living a life so fully that words could never begin to describe it - are those that still live in a religious dream world created by their own thoughts
product image 2 Pierre - 4715K - 25 minutes - recorded 1963
some spirits come and observe for weeks to learn to be able to communicate - must not allow those to commercialize this work for it is for humanity - too many spiritualists concerned with mundane aspects rather than spiritual matters - all who die live
product image 2 Sam Woods - 4335K - 23 minutes - recorded 1964
death is just like going to sleep and waking into a new environment - a great wonderful adventure to die - there was 'his old lady' looking like she did 30 years ago - didn't even recognize his mother as she looked to be 20 years old - everything of beauty and value on earth has its exact replica there - very content at level where he is at which is a real paradise
product image 2 Rev Featherstone - 6106K - 32 minutes - recorded 1964
I am all right : a sentence that speaks volumes to those who wonder what has happened to their near and dear 'dead' - fear and ignorance kept him from seeking answers outside the church - relates a story of a psychic experience in life that caused him to change his will
product image 2 Timothy - 5274K - 28 minutes - recorded 1967
dead mother constantly by his side in hospital when he died - just because he's dead he's not just sort of floating around and being religious - still cuts and works with wood as all types of trees there - excitement, thrills, marvels and the wonders of it all make dying something that should be looked forward to rather than dreaded
product image 2 Mickey 5 - 7000K - 37 minutes - recorded 1972
nothing happens by chance; man has brought it upon himself - 1000's of souls cover every inch of the earth waiting to help - you can't effect nature without it taking revenge
product image 2 Bimbo the clown - 3679K - 19 minutes - recorded 1967
makes the people laugh still - very good time for everyone when you die - met many people he used to work with in the circus - no animals confined to cages there - you cannot escape from yourself
product image 2 Dr.Gustave Geley - 4165K - 22 minutes - recorded 1963
psychic researcher, author, and head of the French Institute Metapsychique - the principles that make communication possible obscured from most people - individual proof is something that every individual must have for himself
product image 2 Sir Henry Beerbohm-Tree - 4137K - 22 minutes
the actor and Shakespearean producer says they are real human beings living in a world of reality - a great shock to many when they realize the naturalness of life - religion is about the last thing most of us think about - death is the great and glorious gateway to a truly fuller and happier life - we are creating while on earth the conditions we shall inherit
product image 2 Wagstaff- 4307K - 23 minutes - recorded 1970
gassed in the war - was trotting down the path by his sister as she went to his grave - describes helping a dog killed on the road which is now with him
product image 2 Harry Price- 7856K - 42 minutes - recorded 1963
The ghost hunter and psychic researcher during earthly life talks about haunting ghosts as being different from spiritual entities
product image 2 Wilberforce 1 - 5823K - 31 minutes - recorded 1965
thinks some spirits should come to sing and possibly play a musical instrument - his whole family there to meet him as well as a servant who was killed by a tiger - was shocked to find his mother and father were not together though they were so very happy on earth - a thinking analytical person has a far easier time than a narrow minded religious bigot
product image 2 Wilberforce 2 - 3952K - 21 minutes - recorded 1970
Wilberforce is back five years later speaking on the difficulties of conveying an adequate description of life as they know it
product image 2 Alice Green - 5382K - 28 minutes - recorded 1967
Attended her own funeral and listened to people talking about her - a lot of people she didn't recognize as they were all young - life there is very similar but with all the depressing things removed -all sorts of books that have a way of speaking for themselves
product image 2 Camille Flammarion - 3853K - 20 minutes - recorded 1972 - a background roar but still intelligible
The French astronomer, psychic researcher and author says it is a tragedy that physical mediumship is no longer developed to the degree that it has been in the past - more physical mediums should be developed for the scientists of tomorrow to work with - speaks about  the medium Estelle Roberts
product image 2 Gus - 4428K - 23 minutes - recorded 1964
First 6 minutes from an earthbound Scottish woman - they are not just wishy-washy people floating through space - no one fear dying because that's the start of real living - the influence of earthbound entities in causing problems for sensitive's
product image 2 George Wilmot - 5402K - 28 minutes - recorded 1965
First to meet him was old Jenny, not his wife but his horse which came and licked his face - his guide took him to see his old dead body being wheeled away - went to see one ex-wife who was dying then went to help another ex-wife until she made the transition - the power wanes and he doesn't get to finish his story
product image 2 Emma Cons - 4634K - 26 minutes - recorded 1966
says hundreds of souls are attracted to Woods and Greene's work - you cannot run away from yourself over there - great opera and plays - all the great ones continue to do the work that they love - everything on an entirely different vibration - the artistic aspect of man is more dynamic and encouraged than on earth
product image 2 John Sloan - 1422K - 7 minutes - recorded 1976
The Glasgow direct voice medium made famous by Arthur Findlay's series of books comes with Findlay to speak by direct voice himself for a few minutes - still very interested in what goes on down here - life there is wonderful; wouldn't want to be back here at all - says the atmosphere around this world is like a dark deep fog
product image 2 Evans - 4628K - 25 minutes - recorded 1964
A Welsh miner killed in a disaster - woke up in a beautiful field but took quite a while to realize how he died - his dog pined for him after his death and soon died too but now with him - time is of no consequence - wears clothing similar to a Roman toga
product image 2 Ignatius - 5418K - 29 minutes - recorded 1968
words of the flesh cannot convey the vision of the spirit - walked upon the earth centuries ago in Italy - bound and held fast by the teachings of the church - left the monastery and formed a group to enlighten man with the teachings of the spirit but was beaten down and defeated by the power of the orthodox church
product image 2 Madame Marie Curie - 1900K - 10 minutes
Mickey speaks for four minutes then the great woman scientist joins in to say she did not know then that she was being used and inspired by those from the other side of life - it is wonderful to be able to talk even for a few moments
product image 2 Dr. Franke - 8079K - 43 minutes - recorded 1964
Died in WW II concentration camp - was killed because he would not do things they wanted him to do - a lot of souls lingered after death not understanding their condition - many rescuers who come to aid had passed through the camp themselves - now works in a hospital type place to help with mental problems of those who pass over - no cold or winter or temperature extremes - a soft illumination for light - even have replicas of magazines read on earth - nothing is impossible where thought is
product image 2 Jenny Wilson - 5466K - 29 minutes - recorded 1971
died in childbirth with first child a hundred years ago during Queen Victoria's time - child grown up in spirit world into fine young woman who is a dancer - her death a beautiful experience into the realms of happiness
product image 2 Biggs - 5399K - 29 minutes - recorded 1966
Died in his chair while reading his newspaper then tried to wake his body up to keep from upsetting his sister - standing beside her he tried to tell her he wasn't dead - after they took his body away he sat back down in his chair to think things out then fireplace faded away to views of another world - attended own funeral and was upset because his was a paupers grave
product image 2 Mr Johnson - 7340K - 39 minutes - recorded 1966
Held a conversation with a pet dog - communication can be entirely by thought; vocal organs not necessary though speaking still possible - no longer possible to hide your true self - everything that has happened is registered; only a matter of tuning in to the vibration
product image 2 Thomas Jefferson - 5627K - 30 minutes - recorded 1960
American founding father and 3rd president who died in 1826 says it may seem a very strange thing for a spirit to be interested in politics - talks of relations with Russia - found himself in a real natural environment like from the days of his youth - came back to earth for a few years after his death but lost interest when he found no one could realize he was there - have hues of colors of which we have no knowledge
product image 2 John Grant - 4766K - 25 minutes - recorded 1969
He warns that there will come a time when man will rue the day that he undertakes certain experiments in space travel - may open up a door to a disaster - man thinks that the nation who masters the moon will master the world - contacts have been made of a mental nature from souls from other planets - invisibles worlds are generally of a higher order of advancement
product image 2 Brother John - 5451K - 29 minutes - recorded 1956 - one of the earlier recordings and of poor Sound quality at first but gets clearer - persons with a lot of earthly possessions are often spiritually bankrupt when they get to the other side - every soul has created their own punishment - the church is built on the misery of untold millions of souls - many will rejoice in their world when the power of the church is broken forever  
product image 2 Charles Stewart Parnell - 4927K - 26 minutes - recorded 1966
The 19th Century Irish politician ("The uncrowned King of Ireland") says damn stupid politicians are a curse to the world - the church carries the Bible in one hand and the sword in the other - the whole world living on the brink of disaster - a world wide crusade needed to work for peace
product image 2 Estelle Roberts - 4489K - 24 minutes - recorded 1972
Estelle was a famous trance and direct voice medium herself. She speaks in a whisper encouraging more home circles for development which is the backbone of this work
product image 2 Oscar Wilde - 5649K - 30 minutes - recorded 1962
the poet/playwright still writes - being dead is an extraordinary business - met by his mother - looking for a suitable instrument to convey his works back
product image 2 George Whitefield - 6770K - 36 minutes - recorded 1969
The actions of the church in holding back truth - communications can't be made to fit in with pre-conceived ideas and notions - conflicts between organized religion will continue - the church must change or they will cease to exist - no miracles; all things must follow natural law
product image 2 Norman Gunn - 3820K - 20 minutes - recorded 1968
Always things to learn and discover - something that must be experienced to understand - a replica of the material world without any of its disadvantages
product image 2 Mahatma Gandhi - 6291K - 34 minutes - recorded 1961
Many religions which bring great confusion and distress to humanity - only one truth that is the foundation of all religions - the earth life is but a training ground - few who come are prepared for death; they know so little about it and are afraid to find out
product image 2 George Woods - 3820K - 16 minutes - recorded 1985
George Woods himself returns for a few words along with Marie Curie and Daisy Judge's guide John
product image 2 Brother Adjul - 3495K - 21 minutes - recorded 1990
He was a medium in his lifetime - life is truly eternal - we are with you constantly though you see us not
product image 2 Nellie Wright - 5555K - 29 minutes - recorded 1966
A Salvation army soldier killed in the blitz - still wears her uniform - thought it was wicked to try to get in touch with the dead - still thinks people need to be saved; thinks her savior must be there - her mother tries to tell her she is living in a false paradise
product image 2 Rev John Matheson - 6232K - 33 minutes - recorded 1960
Part of his work is helping earthbound souls - certain narrow minded sects live on their own vibrational plane - the most difficult person to help is of a religious nature - the most beautiful and varied scenery - colorings beyond description


All thanks to Tom and Ann Harrison of  Alicante Spain as caretakers of 120 Woods-Greene Leslie Flint direct voice recordings. The original tapes were converted by Ann to digital format, so as to preserve for and share this fascinating collection with posterity.